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The Paxton House – History Comes Alive

The Paxton House was built between 1828 and 1831 by Elisha Paxton.




Taped at the Paxton House in Rockbridge County VA May 2016…

Taped at The Paxton House in Virginia May 2015

This is a video taken at the Original Paxton House 6 miles from Lexington, VA.
Built by Elisha Paxton, General Paxtons Father, around 1832.
We were the first to tour it upon its Opening for the May 2013 Open House.
Len and Angie Paxton Productions

Jacob’s Corn Maze – Not just another Corn Maze – It’s an experience



Jacob’s has been owned and operated by the Witkop family since 1892 and is recognized by the State of Michigan’s Historical Commission as a Centennial Farm.StandingJacob – Clear Background

It was in 1879 that Jacob Witkop suffered the loss of his merchant ship after it struck an iceberg and sank off the coast of Russia. Penniless, it took a year to work his way back home to Bierrum, Holland. With the need to establish a new life for his family he gratefully accepted the opportunity to come to America, helping bring a ship filled with hopeful immigrants to the new country. Arriving in America in the spring of 1881, he somehow found his way to Traverse City. Later that year he sent for his wife Pieterke, who was pregnant with their sixth baby, and their other five children. Their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean took six weeks.

For the next few years Jacob made his living working on the railroad and helping lay the first hard surface streets in Traverse City. Pieterke and the children helped where they could with chores such as picking blackberries near the south edge of town on “Boughey Hill”. The boys contributed to the family picking up work which included taking farmers dairy cows down to “East Bay” to water them.

With a dream for their own farm the family saved until they were able to purchase their first farm in 1887. The farm is located on what now is called “Harry’s Road” just a few miles west of Traverse City. Here the family settled in an old house on the site until their new home could be built. By 1892 Jacob was able to acquire his second farm
, just south of the original, which is located on what is now known as State Highway 72.

jacob-spyThe first farm was passed on to Jacob’s son Hiram. The second farm was passed on to his son John and his wife Mary in 1918. On this abundant farm John and Mary raised five children of their own. As the 1900’s progressed there were opportunities for their children to move off the farm and find careers in the expanding American economy. John and Mary’s second son Hiram (named after his uncle Hiram) was asked to serve his country in World War II. This took him away from the farm from 1941 to 1945.

After the war ended Hiram married Jane Nelson of Leland, purchased the farm from his parents and raised four children. In addition to running the farm, Hiram and Jane established Northland Farm Equipment which they operated from the same site for some 35 years until 1983.
In 1995, Hiram and Jane’s only son Michael with his wife Laverna of Interlochen purchased the farm intent on it remaining part of the family. Jacob’s Farm had been owned by the Witkop’s for just over 100 years at that time. Mike and Laverna have kept the farm operating with an eye open for ideas to sustain its agricultural heritage into the future.

Beginning in 2006 they became more intentioned about this quest and began to seek like-minded people to partner in their sustainability effort. Early in the second century of ownership it was becoming increasingly difficult to see how to continue the Jacob’s Farm legacy.

Mike and Laverna launched Jacob’s Farm Enterprises, LLC in early 2008 creating their first maze that Fall. (Taken from their website)

Apple Slinging:

What do we do with apples we cannot use for eating? Why not fire them off at life-sized targets of football players representing Michigan State and Michigan. Its not easy, but it is a blast! The targets are 100 yards away and for some reason apples don’t fly straight! But when they hit the target……….instant apple sauce!


Horse Drawn Wagon Rides


This fall at Jacob’s Corn Maze, they are traveling back in time to the land of ancient Egypt! Their 10-acre corn maze will transport you to the days of pharaohs and mummies.

Looking for a great outdoor fall activity? Here’s why you should stop by Jacob’s this autumn:

A perfect group activity for scouts, schools, youth groups, parties or special events.

Fun for all ages…

Conveniently located between Traverse City and Leelanau County…

Horse-drawn wagon rides, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and a variety of other attractions Donuts, apple cider and other delicious snacks to enjoy after your maze adventure…

This year, Jacob’s Corn Maze will be open from August 22 through November 1.

Visit their Website: Click Here

“MORE JESUS” More Than a Movement – THE ONLY ANSWER

More Jesus

More Jesus was birthed from 2 sisters that heard their Pastor, Dave Standfest, say: “Victory comes from living a Spirit-filled life, and if you want more love and joy in your life, then you need more Jesus.”

Jennifer Stoll & Lara Snowden took that to heart, “MORE JESUS”, that is the answer to everything.

They started responding to that message by responding to whatever life would send them with, “MORE JESUS”. That is the answer to the World….MORE JESUS.

He is the only answer. The only way to true peace, true life, & is the only power to change a life.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This message kept growing in their hearts. They were so touched by what their Pastor spoke that day, that they made a bumper sticker that simply says, “MORE JESUS”

Then God moved on a local radio station, WLJN to get involved. Then God took over and it began to grow. Oh what God will do with willing men & women who will be obedient to His moving.

God moved on Jennifer heart to write a song called, MORE JESUS. She doesn’t have any musical background and insisted a friends help. Brian Whitscell, a worship leader was honored and moved & prayed “Lord, let me be part of making incredible music that will bless the world.” By the end of that day God gave him the song, “MORE JESUS”

Wow what a song it is. It is played on radio stations across the country and their are so many testimonies of how God is using that song to touch peoples lives.

There are other songs that have been birthed out of this movement, my favorite one is “HEAL ME” & “LIKE YOU”.

Jesus is the answer to everything you need. Healing, Peace, Joy, and so much more. Not only is He the answer for us, but once we have received from Him, He wants us to share Him with others. We can do that by every act of kindness, every kind word, and by letting the Holy Spirit led us as we walk this life everyday to reach out beyond ourselves.

By sharing this, the only answer, THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE = JESUS…. We all need “MORE JESUS”…

To hear some of the songs: Click Here

Their mission is simple: To share the good news of Jesus Christ and to spread His message.

He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

Everyone needs more Jesus!

For more information check out their website: Click Here

YouTube video of More Jesus….

Watch this video to hear the whole story….



More Than Music

Lynchburg, VA – 08/22/2012
For Immediate Release- August 22, 2012 This Week at Thomas Road

TRBC Worship Pastor Charles Billingsley presents his 3,000th concert this weekend. He chose Thomas Road’s Worship Center as the place where he wanted to host it. It’s free and starts at 6:00 PM Sunday. With the 20-year anniversary of Charles Billingsley’s national ministry, this is a good time to feature his journey.

Despite being called to full-time Christian ministry in the 7th grade, Charles’ career in music began in an unlikely way, when a high school friend dared him to sing a solo in Sunday School. Though the solo was his first involvement in music, the performance impressed church leaders who later asked him to sing on various occasions. Even as a college student, Charles believed his ministry would be in the pastoral realm, but opportunities to sing continually arose. He performed his first concert the day after graduating from Samford University, and in his words he “never looked back.”

Charles’ diverse career includes performing with countless popular Christian artists. He has performed in over 1,900 churches and served as the full-time worship pastor for both Shadow Mountain Community Church and TRBC. Charles first connected with Thomas Road during the three years he was a member of NewSong, and in 2002 his family relocated to Lynchburg to join TRBC. After moving to San Diego to serve as worship pastor at Shadow Mountain, Charles returned to Thomas Road in February 2007. “It was kind of one of those God moments,” shared Charles. “When Dr. Falwell died three months later I realized why God had called me back here.”

From his acknowledgement that he’s more into sports than music and doesn’t think music ministry is vital to the life of the church at all, Charles defies stereotyping. “Music is not vital, but worship is vital. My job more than anything is to bring the people of God into the presence of God,” stated Charles. “The true function of the church is to love God and to draw others to Him, so the way we function as a worship department here is to try to do that—which means we want to do it with excellence and in such a way that it draws attention to the King of Kings and not to us. My one goal each Sunday morning is to open the door so people sense the presence of God enough in that room that it gives them a hunger the rest of the week to experience that in their personal lives.”

In 2009, Charles’ future in music ministry was threatened by surgery, an operation necessary to remove a polyp on his vocal cord. Though it was a difficult season in his life, Charles says he now values the experience highly. “Every once in a while God brings a bend in the road in which we have to refocus, retool and remember,” Charles said. “That was a good time for me to do that. I had to learn that my voice, my family, even my church are not my source of strength. I had to learn what it is to worship God without a song, a note, a voice. It took me to the bare bones of what worship is, which is why today I think I’m so adamant about our congregation recognizing that worship is not just music.”

Charles’ anniversary concert will feature music from his new album Never Forsaken and celebrate his work from the past 20 years. To learn more about his national ministry, visit, and be sure to join us on, this Sunday, August 26th at 6:00 PM!


Crusted Creations – A food group all their own

Craig & Len (Craig & Len)

The Best Pizza in town…. We will drive as many miles as it takes to get this pizza.

Voted the best pizza in Grand Traverse County by readers of the Northern Express, we know why….

Craig Greening and his son, Chris, operate Crusted Creations.

Specialty pizza is its top priority…

Crusted Creations more than cheese and sausage

Pizza has been in Craig Greening’s life for almost three-and-a-half decades.

Craig loves his customers. He says it is all about his relationship with them…

It’s also about providing tasty food at a reasonable price.

The best Pizza is the Creative Combo…(we get this pizza every time we are there) This picture says it all…

Creative Combo

They also have BBQ Chicken pizza featuring Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecued chicken, bacon and red onion,Gyro Pizza, topped with tzatziki sauce, gyro meat or chicken, red onions, tomatoes and feta cheese.Crusted Creations even has developed an all-kosher pizza. Six different types of oven-baked subs, gyros, chicken wings, salads and even saucy barbecued ribs highlight the Crusted Creations menu.

Craig said, “I can’t fathom retiring,” “I’ll be working and greeting our customers for at least another 20 years.”

Visit Their Website: Click Here

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On The Road With Len & Angie – Tulip Festival May 9, 2014



Tulip Time

Holland Michigan is well known for their Tulip Festival. This year we went there for my husband’s Birthday. As we started our trip is started to rain. Rain & driving don’t go well. It’s about 2 1/2 hours from our home. Thank God by the time we got there the rain left & the sun came out. It was like a new day.

We went to the NELIS’ DUTCH VILLAGE when we first got there. This farm started in 1958. There is a lot of History about this farm… For more information Click Here


It was such a beautiful day together. Check out our pictures….
Tulip Farm



All throughout Holland, MI there is over 5 million Tulips…TULIPS, TULIPS, & MORE TULIPS…

More Tulips

We had so much fun just walking through the tulips together. What a relaxing time and a way to make great memories….

These videos we made in the Chapel on the Farm…at the end of one is more Tulips…if your ever near Michigan in the first week of May, check out the Tulips Festival….