Steal Their Hearts

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Steal Their Hearts

“Would you steal their hearts, as you call their name,in a broken world, trying to do the same.Would you let them see the majesty of who You are,oh, Lord, would you steal their hearts!” – From “Steal Their Hearts” by The Neverclaim

I love this song. I have made it my ringtone so when my children call me it plays and I begin to pray for them.


Steal Their Hearts – We all have someone we could pray for. This movement focuses mostly on the children. It encourage us all to set aside time to pray for the children in our lives. It may be your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or a friend child, or just a child you have met.

This ministry is a part of The Neverclaim, a worship band from Portland, Oregon. (We love this band, they have an awesome Ministry in Music – Check out their Website: Click Here ) They have provided tools and a platform to bring people together “For Such A Time As This.” Check out the Website: Click Here

I met a women the other day who was so excited to have a job who influence children. We talked about all types of children who just need someone who believes in them & need a little encouragement in live. Life is hard enough, but when you don’t have someone who believes in you it can be harder. Also, Junior high is hard enough when you have a good family and we need to be that influence to each child during these hard years. We all have an opportunity to inspire a young person to walk with God. There is so many things in life pulling our children’s hearts, we need to be a stronger pull than the what the world has to offer.

Praying for them is the best way we can help them. But don’t stop their, let your prayers become actions. A smile can go along way. An encouraging word can change a life. The women I was talking to told me about a story of a young girl that was in a foster home and how the people who she has known in the past would discourage her from doing anything because they didn’t believe she could accomplish anything. So she didn’t. What a sad story. People are influenced from a very young age for success or failure. We can overcome that through Christ, but unless He “Steals their Heart”, this will not be possible.

Other ways to help them is to give them a bible, a music CD, a Book, money, or anything the Lord puts in your hearts.

Let’s all come together with our prayers & resources to reach a generation for God.

“That they may know Your Love”

Show them your Love, open their eyes to the depths of it. Show them that you love them not as the world loves, but a kind of Love that can only come from a Holy God!

Reveal to them what that means to them. Show them why that means so much. Help them to be persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate them from your love which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Your love is so deep that your Son dies so they could live and He is at your right hand interceding for them. Wow, open their understanding to this truth. You are the only one that will not leave them nor forsake them. Love them today and reveal that love to them.

Strengthen them in their inner man, Oh Lord. Dwell in my heart and theirs. Help them to comprehend what is the breadth, length, depth, and height of your love. Fill them with the fulness of you.

Show them that you are love. That your love is perfect and perfect love cast out fear and that you loved them 1st!

Give them a heart to know you!

God your love is so deep and unless you open their eyes and reveal it to them they will stay in darkness. Bring them out of darkness into your marvelous light. Your deep love!

Lord I know you see their heart and you can soften their heart to the truth. Penetrate the walls and soften their heart for you.

I pray for them because I love them, but my love is limited. Your love is limitless. Show them that you love them with an intense love.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

“That they may know You and Your love!”

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Ways you can get involved. Start a prayer group, or a prayer team, (you don’t meet in person, but commit to pray together and call out their names), & PASS IT ON…

Check out the Website: Click Here

Hashtag: #StealTheirHearts