Restaurant Reviews

Crusted Creations – A food group all their own

Craig & Len (Craig & Len)

The Best Pizza in town…. We will drive as many miles as it takes to get this pizza.

Voted the best pizza in Grand Traverse County by readers of the Northern Express, we know why….

Craig Greening and his son, Chris, operate Crusted Creations.

Specialty pizza is its top priority…

Crusted Creations more than cheese and sausage

Pizza has been in Craig Greening’s life for almost three-and-a-half decades.

Craig loves his customers. He says it is all about his relationship with them…

It’s also about providing tasty food at a reasonable price.

The best Pizza is the Creative Combo…(we get this pizza every time we are there) This picture says it all…

Creative Combo

They also have BBQ Chicken pizza featuring Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecued chicken, bacon and red onion,Gyro Pizza, topped with tzatziki sauce, gyro meat or chicken, red onions, tomatoes and feta cheese.Crusted Creations even has developed an all-kosher pizza. Six different types of oven-baked subs, gyros, chicken wings, salads and even saucy barbecued ribs highlight the Crusted Creations menu.

Craig said, “I can’t fathom retiring,” “I’ll be working and greeting our customers for at least another 20 years.”

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Farnsworth House INN Gettysburg, PA


One of the places we go when we are in Gettysburg is Farnsworth House INN. It is like walking back in time. The waitresses are dressed like they did 150 yrs ago, the dinning area has old furniture, & the food is made from scratch.


There is at least 100 bullet holes in the house from the Civil War. We love studying the history of this country. What they went through, how they depended on God, & how they made it through all the hard times.

Dinning here was a nice family time. Enjoying the good food & each other.

I had the PA Dutch Chicken Pot Pie with Thick noodles, potatoes, fresh chicken topped with golden flakey crust.

My husband had the Game Pie with turkey, duck, & pheasant in a casserole blended with mushrooms, bacon & more, topped with a golden flakey crust.

We also had sweet potato pudding, pumpkin fritters, homemade bread, & the best apple butter ever…


I don’t care for some things that go on at the INN, but the dinning area & the food is great. Check them out when your in town….


Brandywine Resturant

Grand Rapids MI

Grand Rapids MI

My husband & I travel a lot and we love good food. We stopped in Grand Rapids and found this nice Restaurant. The atmosphere was friendly. A family owned restaurant that loves to serAngieve people.

Here we are enjoying each other & great food….


We both enjoyed a wrap… I loved the floor tortillas stuff full.


This is the two we had…

The Cordon & The Zeus

Stuffed full… You don’t go away hungry….

Stuffed Wrap
This is one restaurant we would go back to. So if you are near Grand Rapids check it out….

By Angie Paxton