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Jacob’s Corn Maze – Not just another Corn Maze – It’s an experience



Jacob’s has been owned and operated by the Witkop family since 1892 and is recognized by the State of Michigan’s Historical Commission as a Centennial Farm.StandingJacob – Clear Background

It was in 1879 that Jacob Witkop suffered the loss of his merchant ship after it struck an iceberg and sank off the coast of Russia. Penniless, it took a year to work his way back home to Bierrum, Holland. With the need to establish a new life for his family he gratefully accepted the opportunity to come to America, helping bring a ship filled with hopeful immigrants to the new country. Arriving in America in the spring of 1881, he somehow found his way to Traverse City. Later that year he sent for his wife Pieterke, who was pregnant with their sixth baby, and their other five children. Their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean took six weeks.

For the next few years Jacob made his living working on the railroad and helping lay the first hard surface streets in Traverse City. Pieterke and the children helped where they could with chores such as picking blackberries near the south edge of town on “Boughey Hill”. The boys contributed to the family picking up work which included taking farmers dairy cows down to “East Bay” to water them.

With a dream for their own farm the family saved until they were able to purchase their first farm in 1887. The farm is located on what now is called “Harry’s Road” just a few miles west of Traverse City. Here the family settled in an old house on the site until their new home could be built. By 1892 Jacob was able to acquire his second farm
, just south of the original, which is located on what is now known as State Highway 72.

jacob-spyThe first farm was passed on to Jacob’s son Hiram. The second farm was passed on to his son John and his wife Mary in 1918. On this abundant farm John and Mary raised five children of their own. As the 1900’s progressed there were opportunities for their children to move off the farm and find careers in the expanding American economy. John and Mary’s second son Hiram (named after his uncle Hiram) was asked to serve his country in World War II. This took him away from the farm from 1941 to 1945.

After the war ended Hiram married Jane Nelson of Leland, purchased the farm from his parents and raised four children. In addition to running the farm, Hiram and Jane established Northland Farm Equipment which they operated from the same site for some 35 years until 1983.
In 1995, Hiram and Jane’s only son Michael with his wife Laverna of Interlochen purchased the farm intent on it remaining part of the family. Jacob’s Farm had been owned by the Witkop’s for just over 100 years at that time. Mike and Laverna have kept the farm operating with an eye open for ideas to sustain its agricultural heritage into the future.

Beginning in 2006 they became more intentioned about this quest and began to seek like-minded people to partner in their sustainability effort. Early in the second century of ownership it was becoming increasingly difficult to see how to continue the Jacob’s Farm legacy.

Mike and Laverna launched Jacob’s Farm Enterprises, LLC in early 2008 creating their first maze that Fall. (Taken from their website)

Apple Slinging:

What do we do with apples we cannot use for eating? Why not fire them off at life-sized targets of football players representing Michigan State and Michigan. Its not easy, but it is a blast! The targets are 100 yards away and for some reason apples don’t fly straight! But when they hit the target……….instant apple sauce!


Horse Drawn Wagon Rides


This fall at Jacob’s Corn Maze, they are traveling back in time to the land of ancient Egypt! Their 10-acre corn maze will transport you to the days of pharaohs and mummies.

Looking for a great outdoor fall activity? Here’s why you should stop by Jacob’s this autumn:

A perfect group activity for scouts, schools, youth groups, parties or special events.

Fun for all ages…

Conveniently located between Traverse City and Leelanau County…

Horse-drawn wagon rides, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, and a variety of other attractions Donuts, apple cider and other delicious snacks to enjoy after your maze adventure…

This year, Jacob’s Corn Maze will be open from August 22 through November 1.

Visit their Website: Click Here

Ebels General Store – LIVE GOD LOUD



Beginning in 1920, the Ebels family has been operating their store in beautiful downtown Falmouth, Michigan. Chris Ebels originally started the business delivering foods and other essentials door to door in a horse drawn wagon. Since the original store, there have been 5 major renovations to make room for more retail space and to start new business ventures.

A Proud Tradition

Successive generations have operated Ebels General Store for 5 generations. Chris Ebels began the endeavor in 1920. He started by delivering goods with a horse drawn cart around the Falmouth area. In 1927 Chris moved his store building to the store’s current location with a full basement under the main floor. Chris added groceries to the hardware and implement lines during the depression. After Chris died, his son John took over the store and joined the Spartan Food Company in 1939. John’s son Harold worked for his father for many years, and in 1960 he purchased a half interest in the store. Harold became complete owner in 1965. In the fall of 1971, Harold completed an addition of the store that doubled its size. Harold also did another addition in 1978 that doubled the size of the store once again.

In the early 1980’s several national retailers moved into the area, and with them came more competition at the grocery retail level for local stores. This led Mark & Dawn to begin to diversify their services. They started to offer butchering and meat processing services. This led to processing deer and making smoked meats for customers. Mark’s smoked meats became well known around the area, and eventually demand for them led Mark & Dawn to start Little Town Jerky in 1994.

Mark & Dawn also started a catering business in the late 1980’s to further diversify their business. Many busy years of catering led to the official formation of Dawn Fresh Catering, Inc. in 2001, and the construction of a new kitchen that was completed in 2003.

In 2002, Mark’s processing had grown to the point where it needed a major expansion to maintain operations. A new butchering facility was constructed and completed in 2004. The new facility is approved and inspected daily by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Ebels General Store also is well known for their retail meat selection. The Ebels family strives to offer great quality meats at very competitive prices. On a busy Saturday there are often 10-15 people at the service meat counter to purchase their meats. Ebels Meat Department works to provide excellent customer service – be it slicing a slab of bacon from sister company Little Town Jerky, or cutting a whole New York strip loin. Besides a great meat department, the store also offers a full line of groceries, produce, frozen foods, and dairy; provided by Nash Finch Company since 2012. Nash Finch, a grocery supplier since 1904, provides Ebels with the quality private label, Our Family Brand.

Ebels also has a specialty clothing and gift department offering Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing including outerwear and boots. Customers can look forward to shopping brands like Woolrich, Carhartt, Keren Hart, Stormy Kromer and Bogs footwear, to name a few.

Today, Mark & Dawn enjoy working alongside three of their children and their spouses. Mark and Dawn would like to thank the great team of associates they have been blessed with in all areas of the businesses. Many have been with the company for multiple years and through all the transitions along the way.

The Ebels family would like to thank all of their loyal customers. The Ebels Companies are dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost. We are dedicated to providing quality, value and consistency in the foods we make, products we sell and services we provide. We look forward to serving you in the future. (taken from their website)

I like that they understand the importance of community involvement. They give food and volunteer in the community as needed & they are not afraid to say they are dedicated to The Lord Jesus Christ & His Work….

Check out Their Website: Click Here

At the Big Ticket Festival 2015 Ebels General Store was a big hit. The lines were long to get this great food.




Incredible Mo’s – Bowling with a Heart update


I had to do an update on the article I did earlier. I wanted to update our readers. The Incredible Birthday Party Project has gone National.

Read more about it in this News Letter: Click Here

This is a great project. If you are a Bowling Alley owner you can start one today. If you are near one of the places who are involved, then schedule a birthday party, and help those in need.


Incredible Mo’s – Bowling with a Heart

This is a very special place for us…. When my mother-in-law was in need of financial help because of her health, The owner & staff at Incredible Mo’s went above and beyond to help us raise money… We raised enough to let her stay at home comfortable with her family…This really touched our hearts…Thank you everyone….God bless you….

Incredible Mo's

At Incredible Mo’s, everything starts with the Customer. The answer is YES, what is the question? As we carefully designed the layout of our facility, it was all done with the guests in mind. From tiny toilets for our littlest guests to sleek bowling sofas with extra seating for friends and family, we’ve spent countless hours making sure we have it right!

Our pledge is to provide the best food and entertainment experience possible.

First-class service is one of our core principals – from the wait staff to guest check-in, we aim to please! Our staff loves working with people and seeing smiles on faces – that’s why we’re here.

Come visit us and see how we will make your experience…incredible!


What is The Incredible Birthday Party Project?
At Incredible Mo’s, we host many birthday parties every week and commonly hear “this was the best birthday ever” or “the kids had an amazing time”. As team members, we often discuss our favorite birthday parties growing up and the corresponding fond memories.

We have happily donated many birthday party packages in the past to help a family in need or to help raise money for a cause. One of the great joys of our first year in business is seeing smiles on the faces of those we have helped – and knowing that we’re creating those fond memories. Those smiles did something to us and we knew we needed to find a way to see more of them – hence The Incredible Birthday Party Project.

Inspired by the desire to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of kids, The Incredible Birthday Party Project will provide free birthday parties at Incredible Mo’s to kids and families in need. For every 5 birthday parties booked at Incredible Mo’s, we will donate 1 back through our partnerships with local charities – that’s 20% of birthdays!

Our Partners:

Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan
Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan

We’re thrilled to launch this – keep an eye out for exciting additions to the project in the near future. For more info Click Here



An exciting announcement in Traverse City Michigan. A fully accredited bible college is coming January 2015. It is affordable and the schedule is designed for a busy working schedule. This bible college is open to everyone with a Diploma or a GED.

2 Timothy 2:15 (AMP)

Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Matthew Henry – And what is their work? It is rightly to divide the word of truth. Not to invent a new gospel, but rightly to divide the gospel that is committed to their trust.

Our work is to rightly divide the word of truth, not to invent new gospels.

From their Website: Grand Traverse Bible College is an extension campus of In Christ International Bible College. ICIBC is fully accredited by the world’s largest non-governmental accrediting organization, Accrediting Commission International. ACI is the accreditation authority for thousands of students in hundreds of schools in 9 countries on 5 continents, and operates in 35 states within the USA (including Washington, D.C.).
Grand Traverse Bible College is a Christian University that offers academic programs that are specifically designed to equip students for the call God has placed on their life. ICIBC is ministerial in nature and is not for persons intending to build secular careers.

Make plans to attend this college….

Visit their website for more information: Click Here

“MORE JESUS” More Than a Movement – THE ONLY ANSWER

More Jesus

More Jesus was birthed from 2 sisters that heard their Pastor, Dave Standfest, say: “Victory comes from living a Spirit-filled life, and if you want more love and joy in your life, then you need more Jesus.”

Jennifer Stoll & Lara Snowden took that to heart, “MORE JESUS”, that is the answer to everything.

They started responding to that message by responding to whatever life would send them with, “MORE JESUS”. That is the answer to the World….MORE JESUS.

He is the only answer. The only way to true peace, true life, & is the only power to change a life.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This message kept growing in their hearts. They were so touched by what their Pastor spoke that day, that they made a bumper sticker that simply says, “MORE JESUS”

Then God moved on a local radio station, WLJN to get involved. Then God took over and it began to grow. Oh what God will do with willing men & women who will be obedient to His moving.

God moved on Jennifer heart to write a song called, MORE JESUS. She doesn’t have any musical background and insisted a friends help. Brian Whitscell, a worship leader was honored and moved & prayed “Lord, let me be part of making incredible music that will bless the world.” By the end of that day God gave him the song, “MORE JESUS”

Wow what a song it is. It is played on radio stations across the country and their are so many testimonies of how God is using that song to touch peoples lives.

There are other songs that have been birthed out of this movement, my favorite one is “HEAL ME” & “LIKE YOU”.

Jesus is the answer to everything you need. Healing, Peace, Joy, and so much more. Not only is He the answer for us, but once we have received from Him, He wants us to share Him with others. We can do that by every act of kindness, every kind word, and by letting the Holy Spirit led us as we walk this life everyday to reach out beyond ourselves.

By sharing this, the only answer, THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE = JESUS…. We all need “MORE JESUS”…

To hear some of the songs: Click Here

Their mission is simple: To share the good news of Jesus Christ and to spread His message.

He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him.

Everyone needs more Jesus!

For more information check out their website: Click Here

YouTube video of More Jesus….

Watch this video to hear the whole story….

Fuel FM 95.9 – A Radio station with a Heart

Fuel FM

95.9 Fuel FM

A fresh sound with a combination of contemporary pop and Christian rock.

Fuel FM is a listener supported radio station reaching out with Hope & the Love of God.

Fuel FM partners with local ministries to bring artist to northern Michigan for the glory of God. When we brought the Sidewalk Profits to Traverse City Fuel FM/WLJN was right by our side helping us along the way. They donated CDs, their time, and advertisement to help our project be successful. They did this with integrity & a pure heart.


“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament” Eph. 4:16

They are committed to this scripture joining the body together through their radio station.

They want to share the love of God with all who listen to the station. They want to help uplift and encourage others & they’d use media to accomplish that.

Check out their Website: Click Here

DC Cavender is one of the DJs on Fuel FM. He is one of the nicest & sincere man I have ever met.


Other people’s view:

Five stars:
I really love and enjoy listening to the music and DJ’s on Fuel FM. The music is incredible and really boosts my day and keeps me smiling all day. I have to say that this is THE best decision ever made by starting this station. I love the variety of both old and new music. It is a good reminder of how much God loves us and all he has done for us and how much he deserves our worship in return. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Five stars:
Turned the dial to 95.9 about 2 months ago and I have yet to change the station. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Five stars:
This is my new fave station! The BEST radio station I’ve ever listened to! I appraciate the fact that it plays a mix of old & newer music! And it plays more Christian rock & pop that wasn’t on the radio before! Family friendly station that everyone can enjoy! Give it a listen! It will change & bless your life! 😀


Everyone should have one of these….


PRESSMEISTER OILS – Locally Owned & Operated

Pressmeister Oils

Went to our INDOOR FARM MARKET in TRAVERSE CITY, MI today. My husband & I tried some special oils from a local business named PRESSMEISTER OILS. We really enjoyed the oils & recommend you check them out.



Christoph Milz was a trained chef, he realize how under-appreciated great quality botanic oils are and how hard they are to find. So he decided that it was worth exploring what oils He could come up with and that is where all the great choices of oils came from.

I had an opportunity to Meet with Christoph. I was very impressed by his passion, his experience, & knowledge. One of the things I noticed is that all he does his from the heart. He doesn’t just make oils, he makes an experience. He shares his years of knowledge & experience with those he meets. Christoph could do many things with his life, but he wants to share his passion with the world. His heart is to partner with others who have the same passions for their product and can be used to compliment these oils. Again from the heart keeps coming to my mind and to me that is the only way to do something.

The oils are very healthy. They are filled with antioxidants & vitamins.

Depending on dish and oil, we pair with
– fresh lemon or lime juice
– verjus vingar (made from unripe grapes)
– rice vinegar
We combine the craft and freedom of small batch oil milling and with creativity and curiosity. The oils you taste are the result of a handcrafted process, the highest quality ingredients, curiosity and creativity – and the effort of pressing small and fresh batches. (Taken from their website)

Finishing oils are used as a condiment. They are not used with heat, but to add flavor and smooth texture. A few drops. They are used for salads, dips, pesto, marinades, drizzled over grilled vegetables and meats, and soups (taken from their website)

My husband liked the ALMOND, PUMPKIN & HEMP SEED OILS

I liked the BLACK WALNUT OIL (5 OZ)


For more information check out the links below… You won’t be sorry…

Recipe: Click Here

Website: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

Pinterest: Click Here

YouTube: Click Here