LeSEA Global Feed. The Hungry

LeSea Global FTH – Feeding God’s Children around The World

LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry

LeSea Global Feed The Hungry was started by Dr. Lester Sumrall in 1987. He was responding to God’s challenge, “that my church in the third world does not die of hunger before I return.

They feed more than 92 nations around the world with over 2,000,000 pounds of food and supplies.

They respond to emergencies with food and relief during disasters around the world and in the United States.


Not just another feeding program. They only work with pastors to ensure the food & supplies get to the people who really need it. They work by connecting with local pastors who in turn distribute the food and supplies to their area.

We experience this when my husband called LeSea FTH and ask them for help for a church in Baxter Springs, Kansas, they sent a truck load right away. Wow what a great ministry.

Helping Kansas

$.93 of every dollar given goes right to the program services. Not only do they feed the hungry but they share the hope of Jesus Christ. Dr. Sumrall’s vision was to reach 1 million souls for Christ. He had a passion for sharing the word of God & the Love of God with as many people as possible. He was a pioneer in TV. He knew that was going to be a big way he was going to reach that million. But he didn’t stop there, he answered the call to, “Go into all the world & preach the Gospel.” Take time to check their website out and pray about giving to this good cause.


Check out their website: Click Here