Time to get your tickets – 10th yr of Big Ticket Festival 2015


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Here are some videos from 2014… It sure was a great time…Make plans today….

Count Down to Liberty University Winterfest 2014

LU Winterfest

So we are counting down to the best Festival ever. What an awesome way to bring in the New Year. No matter where you are in the country you should make the trip to this festival. Liberty University really cares about people and has put together this great festival. It is encouraging, uplifting, fun, & just a great way to spend time together.

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Promo Video – Get Ready for 2014 LU Winterfest –

Videos from 2013 LU Winterfest

Skillett – Monster

Tenth Avenue North – Losing

Our Time at LU Winterfest 2013

Third Day brings in the New Year at LU Winterfest

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Big Ticket Festival 2014 – The Aftermath

Big Ticket Festival 2014

Driving home from TheBig Ticket Festival I was meditating on all that happened this weekend. Wow, a lot flowing through my head. The Spirit of God sure worked in the lives of everyone there.

The smiles on the faces of people as I walked by them was a testimony to the power of a festival like this. Some may have walked in sad, hurt, sorrowful, but as each day was filled with love, joy, peace, ect… They could not help but turn that frown to a smile.

As I write this my husband changed his cover photo to “A Start of a New Journey”. That’s it, that is what happened this weekend. It was a time of refreshing, a time of new beginnings, a new direction, “A NEW JOURNEY”.

There were some on the outside that complained calling it “Big Ticket Noise Pollution”

The Aftermath of the Big Ticket Festival resulted in lives changed, families strengthened, lives saved, & so much more.

People were standing in the middle of the crowd praying for each other, hugging each other, laughing, & so much more. A positive outcome. So what is wrong with that?

People on the outside will not understand the peace on the inside…. They will persecute them any chance they get.

Galatians 4:29 But, as he who was born according to the flesh then persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, even so it is now.

The festival encourages families to connect with each other and God in a fun atmosphere. “We’re together with our family whether we like it or not and what we kind of want to do here is create an environment where families can connect but bond spiritually not just bond by entertainment,” says Drew Spanding, president of the festival.

The atmosphere for friends & family is great. Families were Sitting around a fire, cooking marshmallows, & laughing, what a great family time.


Big Ticket 2014

Bluetree Parachutes into Big Ticket Festival 2014

Here are some comments of the night…too many to post…

What an awesome God! And what an awesome performance Third Day! A great night of worshipping and praising Jesus! Please make it back for the 2015 Big Ticket Festival!!’n. Pleez!!!

Thank you Big Ticket & all the awesome musicians & speakers!! Looking forward to 2015!!

Phenomenal! Thanks Big Ticket for an amazing weekend.

Third Day: They were excellent! Great closing act for an awesome BTF! Loved Third Day’s music and especially the story they shared about that kid who did not take his life. Praise God!

….what a way to spend time with my daughter. thank you

…This was unbelievable….

…We had the best time ever…God Really showed up BIG this year…We love u with the love of Christ and cannot wait for next years unbelievable 10 year anniversary!!!! God is sooo good!!!! Thank you for your service and example!!! See you next year!!!

…Thank you The Big Ticket Festival was my wife and my first one and certainly not the last. There are so many words I could use to explain it, Enlightening, Powerful and moving is just a few. We are looking forward to next year and we are hoping to bring some others with us. And thank you for the patriotic show as a veteran (2001-2007) of both Iraq and Afghanistan it felt good to see the flag that my brothers and sisters past and present defended honorably, waving triumphantly. Thanks again and God Bless.

….no doubt one of the best times of my life…thanks #BTF2014

A Band said… In the bus working on our set for Big Ticket Festival tonight. Holy spirit fill this place!

I think that sums it up, “The Holy Spirit filled this place”….

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Big Ticket 2015

Chris Tomlin at Big ticket….

National Cherry Festival & The Blue Angels 2014

National Cherry Festival

The Traverse City Cherry Festival & The Blue Angels

Make plans to come this year to The Traverse City Cherry Festival.

Join us July 5 – 12, 2014

Traverse City & the area around is know for it’s Cherries. Every type of a Cherry dish you can think of. My favorite, Cherry Pie with whip cream. Right along the bay you will find more than 150 events. There is something for everyone of all ages. This is truly a family event.

This event started around 1910 in an informal way, “blessing of the blossoms”.

In 1926, Hawkins Bakery in Traverse City baked a huge cherry pie and presented it to U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. The pie, being three feet in diameter and containing more than 5,000 cherries, had to be loaded into a car through the windshield and into the back seat. (Taken from their website)

There was many stages of the event & it changed in many ways.

The National Cherry Festival was suspended during the World War II (1942-47), but it has been held continuously every year since. 1946 was considered too soon after the War, and in 1947 Traverse City celebrated its Centennial; so the National Cherry Festival was postponed until 1948. The National Cherry Festival set a world record by baking the world’s largest cherry pie on July 25, 1987. The pie was 17 ft 6 in and weighed in at 28,350 pounds. (Taken from their website)

Now the festival is a week long.

Check out a their Website: Click Here

I enjoy playing bingo with my Mother-in-Law. But my favorite part is when the Blue Angels come. They are coming this year…. YEA

Ultimate Selfie

U.S. Navy Blue Angels take to the Skies July 4, 5 and 6.

The Blue Angels started in Jacksonville, FL on June 15, 1946. Their mission is to increase the pride that American people have for the Untied States Navy. They inspire men & women to serve their country.

Check out their website: Click Here
Blue Angels

Each member of the Blue Angels volunteer for duty. They feel it is an honor to be a part of this team. I sure enjoy watching them perform all the tricks. They are so close together as they go right over the water, it’s so cool. I love the sound of FREEDOM as they go over our heads. Make plans today….

Watch the below video from 2010. It was great how they flew right over our heads… It really does make me proud to be an AMERICAN…. I love our service members, who help our country to be FREE….

2010 Blue Angels in Traverse City

Big Ticket Festival 2014 – More than a festival

Big Ticket Festival 2014

June 19-21, 2014 Gaylord MI

Why Big Ticket Festival? BTF is is put on by White Stone Project which is a non-profit corporation. Their main focus of the Festival is to touch the heart of people & seeing their lives changed with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Festival also helps to strengthen the relationships between family members & between friends.

White Stone Project partners with World Orphans.

“When asked why Big Ticket selected World Orphans to partner with the answer is easy; World orphans has a unique orphan care strategy that can very easily be duplicated all over the world, providing home based care through local churches in the countries the Orphans are located. World Orphans does not just service the physical, and educational needs of the Orphan and Vulnerable children but they see the 150,000,000 orphans in this world as a 150,000,000 opportunities to share the love of Christ and see hearts changed. It is that shared focus of our two organizations that solidified our partnership.” (Taken from BTF website)

This Festival aims to show the Love of God to those who attend. The artists have great musical talent, but all of the artists share the same goal in reaching out with the love of God through their music.

There are many activities for all ages. Music, sports, the kid zone, & the prayer tent are just a few of the ways this festival reaches out. All focus on creating an atmosphere to reach the heart of the people who attend the Festival. Lives will be changed during the festival, but most of all it will be a changed that will last a life time.

We love all the people we meet. We have made some really good friends. We always are touched by God in our hearts. We are stirred in our spirits to walk deeper with The Lord and to reach out to others with The Gospel of Jesus Christ….

This is such a great time for all. Don’t wait to get your tickets today. Click here

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A few of the Artist are below….





The Big Ticket Festival is a ministry of White Stone Project, a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation whose focus is sharing the eternal message of Jesus Christ through innovative evangelism.