“The Penniless Promoters” where we will both be discussing event planning tips, fund raising, new albums, great bands and music, wonderful projects for your church PLUS so much more….


Why Penniless Promoters?

Each day we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others. We have the option to share what God is doing in and through others.

The word of God says we should honor and respect one another.

Romans 13:7 Render to all men their dues. …respect to whom respect is due, and honor to whom honor is due.

God uses the gifts and abilities of each of us to reach souls for His Kingdom. One waters, one plants, & God gives the increase. (1 Corinthians 3:7-9)

As we promote what God is doing around the world with others many lives are changed. There are many we can’t reach, but another one can. So we share what God is doing in their work so others can be touch and changed for the Gospel’s sake.

It may be through music, a message, a book, a touch, a smile, a word, or any other way God choses to reach the world for him. As we share what touches our lives, others can be blessed too.

No we don’t take money for this, although God has called some to receive their living from promoting others, He has not called us to do that. Our call is Preaching, Teaching, ministering the word, and what ever God leads us to do. But we feel that sharing what God is doing in the lives of others is something we all can do without expecting anything in return.

We can show honor and respect to others by sharing what God is doing through them. All working together to lift the Name of Jesus higher…

So as we share on this blog remember to God be the Glory….

Len & Angie Paxton


  1. Hello, I am in need of promotion for my original Contemporary Christian Music. I am in need of starting my career in going out and playing at venues where I can start reaching out to people. I have an album out on cdbaby.com called Unending Grace which you can find on my website provided below. You also can find my Youtube Channel on my website where I have several of my original songs on including my free single “My Everything.”
    I can assure you that my music is completely God honoring and to speak to a lost and dying people that they may gain hope through the lyrics in my songs.
    My goal is to touch people’s lives in a positive way and to show them the love of Christ that they may come to know Him.

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