Confessions of a Ninja Mom: Author Anna M. Aquino

We here at Penniless Promoters understand the day and age we are in. We understand the struggles that Mothers face. We want to share this 40 day training manual with our readers. The Author has two children. She knows where her power, wisdom, & strength comes from. Below is a few words from the book & Author… Enjoy….check out the link below to order this new book…


I am a Ninja Mom.
When it’s 3am, and I have vomit in my hair. I want to sob, but I hear the baby crying.
I am a Ninja Mom.
When I am in a meeting and I realize the only writing instrument I have in my possession is a purple crayon.
I am a Ninja Mom.
When I finally get that important phone call and find myself running away from one of my kids throwing a fit about string cheese,
I am a Ninja Mom.
When I head out to a critical meeting and look down to see that she’s peed on me,
I am a Ninja Mom.
When I look into the dryer and find Cheerio’s, Barbie Shoes, and mismatched ill-fitting socks,
I am a Ninja Mom.
God gave me these children.
They ARE gifts from above.
I will never be perfect, but
I will PROTECT them with love.
When people ask me, what do I do for a living? I tell them, “I am a Ninja Mom!”
When someone tries to insult declaring it’s all I will ever be. I smile at him and say, “That’s right. I AM a Ninja Mom!
I came about becoming a mom and a housewife wearily. My emotions were similar to one being picked up kicking, screaming and being dragged by the hair into the woods. It’s not that I didn’t want children. I did, one day. I willingly got married to the man of my dreams. But I had other goals in my life than Just being a wife and a mother. I had a world to conquer. When we found out my oldest daughter was on her way, we’d only been married a few months. We were living with my parents trying to figure out where on the planet we needed to move. We weren’t sure we had health insurance. Let’s just say she was not in our plans, but God’s. Choosing to stay at home was the furthest thing from my mind. I am not the next Betty Crocker or Suzy Homemaker. My cooking is edible, my cleaning laughable, and even the idea of sitting at a desk all day seemed claustrophobic to me.
When the decision was made for me to stay-at-home for the time being, I think I cried off and on for a good four years. It was for a whole list of decisions the choice was made. It wasn’t my choice, but it was the choice that was best for my family. I felt as if my hopes and my dreams were slipping through my fingers like sand in an hour glass. I struggled to find my footing. My family didn’t need me crying every day and living my life miserable. I needed to find myself in the midst of the circumstances that I never chose or I didn’t like. I needed to learn to see the good in a situation that wasn’t easy. I needed to find the affirmation in me to be okay with where I was in life despite the negative stigma I felt society put on me as a stay home mother. I needed to be okay with me.
In the years since I became a mom, something in me shifted. Don’t get me wrong, my cooking is still often just above edible and my cleaning and organization abilities are still laughable. I’ve branched out more professionally, and things for me have started to happen in other arenas.
I had a business partnership turn very sour some time ago. I don’t need to rehash all the details. However when the person realized his ways were being exposed he responded to me something that he meant as a personal attack. He said to me, “You’re just a housewife” and the inference was that was all I was ever going to be. I laughed at how that seemed to come full circle. For once in my years as being a wife, mother, and housewife, though the words that man said to me stung, I wasn’t ashamed of what he said. “Ok, I would rather be ‘just’ a housewife than ever compromise my integrity.” I realize that something had shifted. I realized how badly the world can view the role of a mother. I realized that I no longer shared that same world view. Not long after this confrontation a friend jokingly started calling me a Ninja, thus is why the Ninja Mom got started.
My family, my morals, my children had become more important to me than an idea of success that I might have one day held. I have learned that success isn’t just about money, or the image the world has tried to give the population. Success is doing and being what you were created to be. Sometimes life happens in seasons, and just because you may not be where you want to be in the moment, you could be exactly where you need to be. Success for me in this season of my life was building a legacy. I realize now that as hard as I fought this initially, God had given me a precious gift. I have become a Ninja Mom. I have learned to be a fierce protector and guardian for my family. I have learned to not shrink back at this title. I AM A NINJA MOM. That’s me. We all have the power and ability to be Ninja Mom’s too.
To all of you Ninja Mom’s out there; don’t let the world tell you there is something wrong with you. Being a ninja mom isn’t being just a stay-at-homer. It’s making choices that are best for your family. It’s being your family’s cheerleader, role model, executive, doctor, and pastor. Being a Ninja Mom declares you love your family, and you are able to raise those kids the way God intended them to be raised. Declaring you’re a Ninja Mom means you’re okay with the role God has given you, and you do it with excellence. So join me in my declaration: You are a Ninja mom, I am a Ninja Mom, and together we ARE a powerful force.

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