Bennett Hughes – Gospel Rock, Let’s go!


Gospel Rock, Let’s go….sums up Bennett Hughes… LOL we love Ben & his family. We have had the privilege to be friends with them for many years.

Ben is from the East Coast of Canada. His music reflects his life experiences, faith, stories of his struggles & triumphs always directing people to The Lord Jesus Christ.

He has always loved music. Ben is a husband, father, & works at Summit International School – an extension of Time Square Church. His wife Kate also loves music. She has a beautiful voice. We are hoping that someday they will do an album together.

Ben currently is working on a new studio that was just built. He will not only be making music of his own, but will be teaching others, & recording/producing other artist’s music as well.

May The Grace, Peace, and Truth of Jesus Christ found and guide you. I’ve never regretted letting Him in. – Bennett Hughes


Each morning before pressing record, I’d sip on a cup of coffee with my bible open, praying over these songs and asking that they’d draw people to, back, or closer to Jesus. – Bennett Hughes

Check out his website & music: Click Here

If you would like him to come minister in music to your group, contact him on his Facebook page.

Follow him on Facebook: Click Here


Also, check his wife Kate’s music out: Click Here

The Hallelujah Song is one of my favorite songs…. Sometimes all I can say is Hallelujah….

Larger than her voice is Kate Conlon’s heart for young people. On this debut release from the Canadian born singer/songwriter, are songs written specifically for her generation. Kate’s talent and conviction is sure to move and encourage young people to believe and hope in “a God that is real and does care”. (Kate Conlon) – (taken from TSC website)


Ben & Jacob Steel came to Traverse City for a benefit concert. They opened for the Sidewalk Prophets. All the proceeds went to Child Cry – a ministry of Time Square Church. Here is one of the songs….

Here is a video We made of one of his songs…


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