Romans Road – A Band who Ministers through their music

Romans Road

We recently got to spend some time with the band Romans Road. Great bunch of guys. It was refreshing to talk to band members that are all about ministry. They truly care about people and giving them the true Gospel.

All the members have different backgrounds which allows them to bring their experiences together to create an awesome sound. They use their creativity & gifts to minister through their music. They love God and bring the Love of Jesus to light the hearts of the people who listen to their music.

Each member comes with an unique story… Click here for their Bios —

Check out their website: click here

We had an opportunity to work with them in Gettysburg, PA. They ministered through their music right on the battlefield. It was very exciting. We will be posting the video that we took during the concert.

Stop The Bleeding Live from Gettysburg, PA…

Stop The Bleeding :By Romans Road from Pastor Len Paxton on Vimeo.

The band members are:

Jason Simons – Lead Vocals


John Simons – Guitars/Vocals


Lonnie Massie – Bass/Vocals


Kimpedro – Drums


Romans Road

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