Month: June 2014

Big Ticket Festival 2014 – The Aftermath

Big Ticket Festival 2014

Driving home from TheBig Ticket Festival I was meditating on all that happened this weekend. Wow, a lot flowing through my head. The Spirit of God sure worked in the lives of everyone there.

The smiles on the faces of people as I walked by them was a testimony to the power of a festival like this. Some may have walked in sad, hurt, sorrowful, but as each day was filled with love, joy, peace, ect… They could not help but turn that frown to a smile.

As I write this my husband changed his cover photo to “A Start of a New Journey”. That’s it, that is what happened this weekend. It was a time of refreshing, a time of new beginnings, a new direction, “A NEW JOURNEY”.

There were some on the outside that complained calling it “Big Ticket Noise Pollution”

The Aftermath of the Big Ticket Festival resulted in lives changed, families strengthened, lives saved, & so much more.

People were standing in the middle of the crowd praying for each other, hugging each other, laughing, & so much more. A positive outcome. So what is wrong with that?

People on the outside will not understand the peace on the inside…. They will persecute them any chance they get.

Galatians 4:29 But, as he who was born according to the flesh then persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, even so it is now.

The festival encourages families to connect with each other and God in a fun atmosphere. “We’re together with our family whether we like it or not and what we kind of want to do here is create an environment where families can connect but bond spiritually not just bond by entertainment,” says Drew Spanding, president of the festival.

The atmosphere for friends & family is great. Families were Sitting around a fire, cooking marshmallows, & laughing, what a great family time.


Big Ticket 2014

Bluetree Parachutes into Big Ticket Festival 2014

Here are some comments of the night…too many to post…

What an awesome God! And what an awesome performance Third Day! A great night of worshipping and praising Jesus! Please make it back for the 2015 Big Ticket Festival!!’n. Pleez!!!

Thank you Big Ticket & all the awesome musicians & speakers!! Looking forward to 2015!!

Phenomenal! Thanks Big Ticket for an amazing weekend.

Third Day: They were excellent! Great closing act for an awesome BTF! Loved Third Day’s music and especially the story they shared about that kid who did not take his life. Praise God!

….what a way to spend time with my daughter. thank you

…This was unbelievable….

…We had the best time ever…God Really showed up BIG this year…We love u with the love of Christ and cannot wait for next years unbelievable 10 year anniversary!!!! God is sooo good!!!! Thank you for your service and example!!! See you next year!!!

…Thank you The Big Ticket Festival was my wife and my first one and certainly not the last. There are so many words I could use to explain it, Enlightening, Powerful and moving is just a few. We are looking forward to next year and we are hoping to bring some others with us. And thank you for the patriotic show as a veteran (2001-2007) of both Iraq and Afghanistan it felt good to see the flag that my brothers and sisters past and present defended honorably, waving triumphantly. Thanks again and God Bless.

….no doubt one of the best times of my life…thanks #BTF2014

A Band said… In the bus working on our set for Big Ticket Festival tonight. Holy spirit fill this place!

I think that sums it up, “The Holy Spirit filled this place”….

Get tickets for 2015: Click Here

Big Ticket 2015

Chris Tomlin at Big ticket….

Bennett Hughes – Gospel Rock, Let’s go!


Gospel Rock, Let’s go….sums up Bennett Hughes… LOL we love Ben & his family. We have had the privilege to be friends with them for many years.

Ben is from the East Coast of Canada. His music reflects his life experiences, faith, stories of his struggles & triumphs always directing people to The Lord Jesus Christ.

He has always loved music. Ben is a husband, father, & works at Summit International School – an extension of Time Square Church. His wife Kate also loves music. She has a beautiful voice. We are hoping that someday they will do an album together.

Ben currently is working on a new studio that was just built. He will not only be making music of his own, but will be teaching others, & recording/producing other artist’s music as well.

May The Grace, Peace, and Truth of Jesus Christ found and guide you. I’ve never regretted letting Him in. – Bennett Hughes


Each morning before pressing record, I’d sip on a cup of coffee with my bible open, praying over these songs and asking that they’d draw people to, back, or closer to Jesus. – Bennett Hughes

Check out his website & music: Click Here

If you would like him to come minister in music to your group, contact him on his Facebook page.

Follow him on Facebook: Click Here


Also, check his wife Kate’s music out: Click Here

The Hallelujah Song is one of my favorite songs…. Sometimes all I can say is Hallelujah….

Larger than her voice is Kate Conlon’s heart for young people. On this debut release from the Canadian born singer/songwriter, are songs written specifically for her generation. Kate’s talent and conviction is sure to move and encourage young people to believe and hope in “a God that is real and does care”. (Kate Conlon) – (taken from TSC website)


Ben & Jacob Steel came to Traverse City for a benefit concert. They opened for the Sidewalk Prophets. All the proceeds went to Child Cry – a ministry of Time Square Church. Here is one of the songs….

Here is a video We made of one of his songs…

Fuel FM 95.9 – A Radio station with a Heart

Fuel FM

95.9 Fuel FM

A fresh sound with a combination of contemporary pop and Christian rock.

Fuel FM is a listener supported radio station reaching out with Hope & the Love of God.

Fuel FM partners with local ministries to bring artist to northern Michigan for the glory of God. When we brought the Sidewalk Profits to Traverse City Fuel FM/WLJN was right by our side helping us along the way. They donated CDs, their time, and advertisement to help our project be successful. They did this with integrity & a pure heart.


“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament” Eph. 4:16

They are committed to this scripture joining the body together through their radio station.

They want to share the love of God with all who listen to the station. They want to help uplift and encourage others & they’d use media to accomplish that.

Check out their Website: Click Here

DC Cavender is one of the DJs on Fuel FM. He is one of the nicest & sincere man I have ever met.


Other people’s view:

Five stars:
I really love and enjoy listening to the music and DJ’s on Fuel FM. The music is incredible and really boosts my day and keeps me smiling all day. I have to say that this is THE best decision ever made by starting this station. I love the variety of both old and new music. It is a good reminder of how much God loves us and all he has done for us and how much he deserves our worship in return. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Five stars:
Turned the dial to 95.9 about 2 months ago and I have yet to change the station. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Five stars:
This is my new fave station! The BEST radio station I’ve ever listened to! I appraciate the fact that it plays a mix of old & newer music! And it plays more Christian rock & pop that wasn’t on the radio before! Family friendly station that everyone can enjoy! Give it a listen! It will change & bless your life! 😀


Everyone should have one of these….


Romans Road – A Band who Ministers through their music

Romans Road

We recently got to spend some time with the band Romans Road. Great bunch of guys. It was refreshing to talk to band members that are all about ministry. They truly care about people and giving them the true Gospel.

All the members have different backgrounds which allows them to bring their experiences together to create an awesome sound. They use their creativity & gifts to minister through their music. They love God and bring the Love of Jesus to light the hearts of the people who listen to their music.

Each member comes with an unique story… Click here for their Bios —

Check out their website: click here

We had an opportunity to work with them in Gettysburg, PA. They ministered through their music right on the battlefield. It was very exciting. We will be posting the video that we took during the concert.

Stop The Bleeding Live from Gettysburg, PA…

Stop The Bleeding :By Romans Road from Pastor Len Paxton on Vimeo.

The band members are:

Jason Simons – Lead Vocals


John Simons – Guitars/Vocals


Lonnie Massie – Bass/Vocals


Kimpedro – Drums


Romans Road

Farnsworth House INN Gettysburg, PA


One of the places we go when we are in Gettysburg is Farnsworth House INN. It is like walking back in time. The waitresses are dressed like they did 150 yrs ago, the dinning area has old furniture, & the food is made from scratch.


There is at least 100 bullet holes in the house from the Civil War. We love studying the history of this country. What they went through, how they depended on God, & how they made it through all the hard times.

Dinning here was a nice family time. Enjoying the good food & each other.

I had the PA Dutch Chicken Pot Pie with Thick noodles, potatoes, fresh chicken topped with golden flakey crust.

My husband had the Game Pie with turkey, duck, & pheasant in a casserole blended with mushrooms, bacon & more, topped with a golden flakey crust.

We also had sweet potato pudding, pumpkin fritters, homemade bread, & the best apple butter ever…


I don’t care for some things that go on at the INN, but the dinning area & the food is great. Check them out when your in town….