Big Ticket Festival 2014 – More than a festival

Big Ticket Festival 2014

June 19-21, 2014 Gaylord MI

Why Big Ticket Festival? BTF is is put on by White Stone Project which is a non-profit corporation. Their main focus of the Festival is to touch the heart of people & seeing their lives changed with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Festival also helps to strengthen the relationships between family members & between friends.

White Stone Project partners with World Orphans.

“When asked why Big Ticket selected World Orphans to partner with the answer is easy; World orphans has a unique orphan care strategy that can very easily be duplicated all over the world, providing home based care through local churches in the countries the Orphans are located. World Orphans does not just service the physical, and educational needs of the Orphan and Vulnerable children but they see the 150,000,000 orphans in this world as a 150,000,000 opportunities to share the love of Christ and see hearts changed. It is that shared focus of our two organizations that solidified our partnership.” (Taken from BTF website)

This Festival aims to show the Love of God to those who attend. The artists have great musical talent, but all of the artists share the same goal in reaching out with the love of God through their music.

There are many activities for all ages. Music, sports, the kid zone, & the prayer tent are just a few of the ways this festival reaches out. All focus on creating an atmosphere to reach the heart of the people who attend the Festival. Lives will be changed during the festival, but most of all it will be a changed that will last a life time.

We love all the people we meet. We have made some really good friends. We always are touched by God in our hearts. We are stirred in our spirits to walk deeper with The Lord and to reach out to others with The Gospel of Jesus Christ….

This is such a great time for all. Don’t wait to get your tickets today. Click here

For more information Click Here

A few of the Artist are below….





The Big Ticket Festival is a ministry of White Stone Project, a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation whose focus is sharing the eternal message of Jesus Christ through innovative evangelism.

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