Why Liberty University?

Liberty University

Liberty University is the biggest nonprofit private university in the nation. They have over 350 programs, both at the university & online, from the certificate level all the way to doctoral level.

One word on their website describes how I feel about Liberty University is “Excellence”.

They are excellent in education and ministry. They encourage their students to have excellence in their profession. They encourage their students to stay committed to Christ, have a personal relationship with Him, to stay sensitive to others needs, & to have social responsibility.

They have been around since 1971 & was started by Jerry Falwell Sr. Their mission is to develop Christ-centered men & women with inner values, knowledge, & all that is essential to impact the world. They are committed in making “Champions for Christ”

Liberty has one of the best School of Law in the world. They have a rigorous curriculum with a worldview with valuable practice skills & bar preparation.

They have a World Vision which develops global awareness with short mission trips & internship for all majors.

If you or someone you know are looking at which school to attend consider Liberty University. You will not be sorry.

Some well known people who have attended this University are TobyMac Six-time Grammy award-winning Christian music artist and former member of the Christian band dc Talk, Shannon Bream Supreme Court reporter for Fox News and Liberty’s 2013 Commencement speaker, Doug Brady Retired MLB second baseman who played for the Chicago White Sox, Tony Perkins President of the Family Research Council and former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, & so many more.

Liberty University graduates are equipped to impact the culture for Christ in every vocation. There are nearly 200,000 Liberty alumni influencing the world in their respective fields. Their graduates have found jobs with the U.S. Senate, Google, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Concerned Women for America, CNN, Bank of America, and more.

One of the other things we enjoy when visiting there is the LU Winterfest. We went this last New Year Eve. What a great time of music & ministry. What a great way to bring in the new year. Below we will have some videos & highlights of our time there.

Website: Click Here
LU Winterfest

Our time at LU Winterfest

Third Day bringing in the New Year 2014

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