Deliberate People – Phil & Heather Joel

Phil & Heather Joel

Phil & Heather Joel

Deliberate People – Phil & Heather Joel

As we go through this life there are many distractions. This culture has an attitude of faster is better. It can be a noisy world, which brings confusion, fear & more. We don’t take time to slow down and really enjoy God’s presence. With our family & friends we have instant messages without deep and meaningful conversation.

We collect friends with the click of a mouse and the art of true relationship through real communication and time is fast becoming a thing of the past. – Phil Joel

Phil & Heather developed Deliberate People in response to their own experience of putting God first. They began seeing how life has a way of pulling you into it’s values & fast paced lifestyle without a loving relationship with God. They discovered without putting God first they would not have anything of real value to pass on to their children or each other.

We find our true purposes and passions when we take time with a God. He has plans, dreams, & promises for us. He wants to share these with us and as we spend time with Him he will reveal them to use.

Deliberate People as Phil & Heather puts it:

It’s simple. The idea of daily getting away to be alone with God and learning to hear His voice through reading the Bible and prayer is not exactly an original thought, but it is one that we believe God wants us to get back to in these crazy days.

Phil & Heather here are giving you tools to help you “RebootThe System” & begin spending time meeting with God.

Coming to Him, seeking Him, pursuing Him, drawing near to Him…

You can download it in a printable PDF file for free when you click to the resource section. There you’ll also find the deliberatePeople journals that contain the reading plan, prayer guide and journal pages with helpful ideas on journaling the journey. You’ll also find some music that was written and recorded to stir and sound track a new move of God in your heart.

Thanks Phil & Heather for all you do….
Angie Paxton

Check out Deliberate People:

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Deliberate Kids
I love what they do for all of our kids… This world pulls our children in so many directions. This is a great ministry to help keep them focused on what is important…

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